Viking is the World Leader in Manufacturing Positive Displacement Pumps and Pump Accessories

Features Common to All Viking Pumps

Constant capacity regardless of pressure.  Viking positive displacement pumps provides relatively constant
output regardless of changes in pressure, making them well suited for metering applications.
Flow proportional to speed.  The pump's output is directly proportional to its speed, allowing it to be used for
metering applications using a variable speed drive following a process control signal.
Direction of flow is reversible.  The same Viking pump may be used for loading and unloading of tanks when used
with a driver capable of reversing direction. (Exceptions are Viking Spur Gear and Mag Drive models).  Note that
pressure relief must be provided in both directions of operation.  
Smooth, near-laminar flow. Unlike reciprocating PD pumps (including diaphragm, piston, plunger and rotating
piston principles), Viking rotary pumps offer smooth, non-pulsating flow which reduces friction loss and cavitation due
to acceleration and deceleration losses, reduces water hammer, and aids in mixing two streams by eliminating
slugs of fluid.
Self-priming, with suction lift capabilities.  Viking pumps are capable of self priming when wetted, and are capable
of pulling a suction lift where positive suction head is not available.


Viking Pumping Principle Comparison


Internal Gear

External Gear

Rotary Lobe

Maximum Capacity (gpm /
1,500 / 345 32 / 7.3 820 / 184
Maximum Discharge
Pressure (psi / bar)
250 / 17 2500 / 172 400 / 27
Maximum Viscosity (SSU /
2,000,000 / 440,000
75,000 / 16,500
2,000,000 / 440,000
Maximum Temperature 700 / 370 (° F / ° C) 450 / 230 400 / 205
Run-dry capability Yes, for a short time, if fluid
film in pump
Yes, for a short time, if fluid
film in pump
Yes, indefinitely, with
seal flush
Solids Handling
Soft solids, small size
No Soft solids, large size
Abrasives Handling Yes, with hardened parts No No
Non-lubricating fluid

Good (with non-metallic idler)
Good (with non-metallic
Shear Rate Low (run at slow speeds) Medium Low
Sanitary/Hygienic Models No No Yes
No. of Shaft Seals 1 1 2
Sealless Mag Drive Models
Yes Yes No